Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock, Paper, Scissors... Throw!

Last night I was all cuddled up in my Kozysac (like a Lovesac, but better. that is another debate for another day). I was surfing the channels like a true champion when something caught me completely off guard. The 2008 Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship. I couldn't help but be caught in its complete absurdity! First off, they interview the contestants like it is an actual athletic event. These people couldn't be any farther from athletes. Look at the rolly-poly girl in the video. They gave their training strategies (the girl trained with her horse, who only threw rock... well, duh!) Secondly, they try to psych out their opponent. Cool, it is a mental game too, but when you say you do it by using your left hand; come on! You are completely degrading your opponent, so much for sportsmanship. Also, they will try to stare through their opponent to see if they are telegraphing their moves. But here is the kicker, there is actually a $50,000 prize. They actually get a prize for a pure chance game. They might as well have a National Heads-or-Tails Championship. With all this said, I feel as though I would have a pretty good chance at winning the 2009 Championship, sign me up!



EmeliaRo said...

Holy CRAP! Hott Todd has a BLOG?!!?? sweet.

EmeliaRo said...

Oh my gosh... I commented and then went back and actually watched the video. Sign me up.