Monday, October 27, 2008

You've got the right stuff... Baby!

So, the other night as I was doing what most 25 year old men do on a Saturday night... sitting in a recliner watching NCAA football and surfing the World Wide Web. I happened to come across a new website that I very much enjoy, No joke, that is the name of the website. It is quite hilarious. If I were to make a page called "" it would probably be seen as racist. However, when you poke fun at your own race it is okay I guess. Well anyway, for the most part the site contains an ever growing list of the things that white people like. For the most part I agree with most of them, but there are those things on the list that do not tickle my fancy. I will give you my top three.

Now, for the top three.
3) Knowing what is best for poor people.
While it is only 67 on the list, I feel that it comes in third on my favorites list. I know the two of you are thinking, oh come on Todd, I never think that way. Oh yeah? Is that so? When was the last time that you didn't give that homeless guy money because you thought he was going to buy booze with it. Come on, the guy probably has nothing more to live for than the bottle of Hawkeye vodka he is gonna down anyway. I know I wouldn't give him anything but a sandwich and a carton of orange juice.

2) Girls with Bangs.
Oh yes, they will steal your heart! Then run you over with a large metaphorical truck, leaving you emotionally mamed. But the site says it like this, all you have to do is look at a girls haircut to see if she is liked or just merely tolerated. A girl with bangs will undoubtedly fall into the first of the two. They go on to say that the said bangs are the signaling of the coming of age from a nerdy girl, to a cool woman. I personally like girls with bangs, even if they do tend to rip your heart out then play with it. But, I am not bitter!

1) Dogs.
I couldn't believe that they were only the 53rd subject on the list. I don't know if I can think of one white person that doesn't own at least one dog. Well, maybe I can, but they are completely unAmerican! Some very good points were made concerning white people and their dogs, most of which I would say were justified. For instance, most newlyweds tend to buy a dog before having children as practice. However, it is said that they will always love their dogs more. This is due to the fact that dogs will love anyone who will feed them. Children hate their parents when they get to be teens.

I am going to close with this, I think that each of you should check out this site. It is pure hilarium! There are things on there that will drive you mad (Barack Obama is #8). All in all, it is definately worth your time.

Incase I don't see...
Good morning, Good afternoon, and good night

The Todd


EmeliaRo said...

I'd have to say that "peacoats" was one of my favorites but I didn't have a chance to read too many of them... I shall get back to you with my top 3 upon further investigation :)

chris said...
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chris said...

Wow, for I tell you the truth, man shall not live by white bread alone.
Keep doin' the Lord's work.
Godspeed, son.